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My name is Scott. I'm now 30 years old as of January 4th. I am currently enjoying helping raise two wonderful boys, Alex age 4 and Noah age 2. They are my fiances children and they are a wonderful little guys. I was raising a little girl, Kaitlyn now 7, my ex-wife's daughter but since the divorce I don't get to see her. She's always in my thoughts though. I have a son, Issac now 5, from my second marriage and I don't get to see him because his mother won't allow it and I don't the emotional or mental strength to fight for him. I have been married twice and divorced twice. I am back with first wife and I couldn't be happier. My second ex-wife did a lot of damage to my mental health. I've been diagnosed with BP since about 22 but I believe I've suffered with it since I was about 12. I rapid cycle and have a problem with my anger. I'm applying for Social Security and the Psych said I have BPD. So... that's me in a nutshell. I'm kdnikesdaddy on yahoo messenger if you want to talk. Just let me know you're from the chat room so I'll add you. Thanks for everything.