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Update on myself, if you want to read
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May 19, 2014
9:33 PM
So.. Let's see what's going on the word in my life... (if you care to read)
For the last 9 months, I would throw up every morning. Always stomach bile. They took me off Trazadone (sleeping medication) and has help a lot, I don't throw up AS much, but still do.

I went to the ER last night. They ran blood, urine, EKG, X-Rays... nothing. They discharged me to follow up with my primary care doctor.

Went camping Thursday-Sunday. I fell on the damn fire. I know, i'm a klutz, however thanks to my friend Laura she patted the fire off my ass.

Went Camping. Great times, right??? Some were amazing... Josh on the guitar, Lumberjob Rob. Both so very talented. however, When I got there I had Laura help me put up my tent.. FAIL... 3 or 4 poles snapped. Slept in my car, seat reclined the whole time.

When I left camping, you have to drive up a dirt road (but it rained all weekend) so.... I slid and hit a tree

Also, at the hospital, they saw this bruised weird looking mark on my back. She (the nurse) paid no attention to it.. just mentioned it

I'm to point of giving up. Going off all my medications, and being a crazy bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, crazy self (there are a few other, but won't mention them)

OMG... what the hell???
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May 22, 2014
9:37 PM
I love you my crazy Dano. Don't fall apart :(

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